Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Tough times as an indie author

It's the start of a new year and I'm unsure what happens next in my life. It's almost exactly a year since I published my first novel. I wish it had sold more.

It's not a groundbreaking story of triumph over adversity, nor a shagfest - although there is gay sex, woohoo - but I'm told by everyone who has read it that it resonated with them, made them feel good, took them back to their own experiences.

If I had a publisher and agent, maybe it would be different. But I just wish that indie authors like me could be given the same kind of exposure as the publisher/agent route.

The problem is that this is now my livelihood. Yet, because I'm totally unknown, it's really hard to get the word out. Although, I'm super grateful to the 19 people worldwide who bought my little story in December, and I really hope they enjoy it.

Of course the awful truth is that this kind of income meant that Christmas was tough for this writer. Poverty is horrible. And even though I published the book I've also tried to find a job to pay the mortgage, bills, etc.

Sadly, despite 25 years experience as a journalist, I can't even get an interview. I've got loads of experience and I work hard, but with the cold months ahead, it's not looking good. I quietly think that maybe people see my CV and think I'm too old. But of course no recruiter is allowed to say that. I feel that ageism is the hardest kind of discrimination to claim.

So here's my request to the universe - I wrote something that people seem to like, so I would love, no
I need, your help to find a way to get more people looking at it and buying it and maybe save me, too? Or at least help me earn enough to focus on more books.

When times are tough, like now, I try to be strong, but it's lonely here, unable to find enough income, unable to get even one well connected Twitter person to recommend my efforts as a read. It really matters. I dream that even just one 'important' person likes my story and then says so.

I'm not battling an anxiety illness. I consider myself fortunate that I don't have any debilitating depression - at least not yet - but I'm really beginning to struggle and sure could do with a lift, if anyone is able to give that to a complete stranger. Just a normal, gay guy, trying to survive.

Sorry to be so frank, but I do need some good news. Here's a link to my book, if you fancy a nice low cost read. And thanks to anyone out there who feels like giving this author a chance.

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